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Nuclear fallacy

The nucleus bound the protons together
A baffled rookie proton asked another
“Wouldn’t it have been better
If instead of this fetter
We were not compelled to repel each other?”

Eat-it-or-lose-it Dinner

“This way to Dinner” I followed the arrow
“What you eat now is your quota for morrow”
I overloaded my plate
Till I was bursting, I ate
And trashed the leftovers without a sorrow

Irony in steel

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Silos stood mourning in the dark shanty town
I asked a long-faced silo,”Why do you frown?”
It said,”Tell me, how’d you feel
If they built you in thick steel
And hazed the poor lads for not breaking you down?”

The Ask Master

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There once was a boss who’d never give a raise
To those who didn’t ask, such were his ways
At a felicitation
He was asked by a gen’lman
“Have you filled out the form for receiving praise?”

Galactic Turnaround

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The galaxy that had a trillion stars
Imported a Turnaround Expert from Mars
He said, “Don’t come in my way
I’ll replicate Milky Way”
And made a blackhole with a trillion scars


At an apparel store called Cool SmartyPants
The staff got a┬ámemo marked ‘For Compliance’
“All hail Uniformity
For every nitty-gritty”
And now mannequins are the sales assistants

See you later Motivator

There once was a VP from distant Doofusville
Who said ‘Team Motivation’ was his greatest skill
“Guys, perform or perish”
He said with a flourish
And watched in horror as things went slowly downhill